Shot In Australia, Pardon C Drops Visuals For Love Tune ‘Giver’

Multi-talented Nigerian musician, Pardon C, returns with the official music video for his hit track, ‘Giver’.

The amazing singer wows on all of his songs; his lyricism, delivery and energy while singing are unparalleled. These, he also exhibited in this new release.

His creative on different beats varying from highlife, afro-pop, pop and hip-hop have made him a versatile talent and a force to reckon with.
Since releasing the audio of ‘Giver’, his fans have dubbed him king of love music, who used ‘Giver’ to woo his fans.

The song got wide acceptance from his female admirers and praises from his male supporters in the music industry.

The new video shows Pardon C as Romeo who is deeply in love with his damsel, identified as Juliet.

Pardon C draws inspiration from the popular love tales of ‘Romeo and Juliet’. He added that he inculcated the storyline to fit his addictive lyrics for ‘Giver’, which was interpreted into the compelling music video.

Pardon C’s TCO Videos directed the flick for ‘Giver’ while the video was shot by Thenomad Captures in Melbourne, Australia.